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Welcome to Ground Assault: Zombie Outbreak

Ground Assault: Zombie Outbreak offers you the fun and adrenalin rush of a first-person shooting video game by giving you a state of the art laser gun and placing you in a haunted house filled with live zombies! It offers a realistic tactical combat experience with simulated guns that look, and sound like real guns. When you complete your mission your weapon will display your number of kills along with score and ranking among your team. This is unlike anything you have ever experienced!

You can sign up as a Human or a Zombie!

If you sign up to be a Human, you will be recruited to join the Human Alliance where you will be given a high power multi-operational tactical laser gun to exterminate all zombies in order to save the Human Race.

If you sign up to be a Zombie, you will be transformed with the living dead virus then given a zombie weapon and/or headset and placed in the zombie outbreak area in order to attack all Humans.


Location and Dates

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